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. we begin with breaking news. two teenagers were hit crossing
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a road to get to a festival tonight. it happened on richie highway in savannah park, maryland. the two were walking to the early heights carnival. a 17-year-old girl and an 18-year-old boy, both airlifted to the baltimore shock trauma. the accident happened right in front of a fire station. investigators tell us that teenagers were not in a crosswalk. the car that hit them did stop. good evening. i'm jim betts? and i'm doreen gentzler. now to our weather. everybody is talking about the heat and sweating lieu it. it was each too much for metro tracks tonight. more on that in a moment but first to our chief meteorologist in our storm center. hi, doug. >> hello, and the heat wave continues across our area. we've seen extremely hot temperatures over the last couple of days. today the hottest so far with a high of 97. today 97. the heat index today got up to
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103 at one point. that was heat wave number four. out there right now, even at 11:00, we're still extremely warm. temperature right now 88 degrees. that is our average high temperature for this time of year. winds right now out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour, and our dew points are still in the 60s. fairly uncomfortable outside across the area, but the suburbs are cooling down. right now 75 in geathersburg and 57 in frederick and 79 in monassas and fredericksburg coming in at 89 degrees. we are going to see relief. i don't think it will come tomorrow, but wait until you see what i have for the rest of the week. jim? >> thanks, doug. people are doing what they can to stay cool in all this heat. there was difficulty when the heat caused problems on metro. more on that story from the national mall. >> reporter: well, jim, good evening. metro one of the many affected by this latest heat wave. right now things have cooled down. it's turned down into a beautiful night actually but this is july. here in d.c. we've become
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accustomed to dealing with this summer heat. as the sun set across the washington region it turned into a picture perfect night on the potomac. the ducks sure seemed to enjoy themselves, but for the rest of us there was still one problem. >> it feels thick, i think, more than anything. it's beautiful, but it feels a little thick. kind of hanging on you a little bit. >> reporter: earlier in the day, we got hit with a double whammy of humidity and the stilling summer heat. it got so hot metro says some of its metal tracks expanded causing trains on the red line from tacoma park to forest glen to run on one single track. that meant delays up to 15 minutes which some riders said it was made worse by the problems inside the trains. the ac is fine once you move them but once it comes to a stop you back off a little bit until you move again. it does get hotter once you stop. >> reporter: kids found a way to cool off by just being kids. tuesday d.c. mayor vincent gray decided to expand the public pool hours by opening up two hours earlier and staying open
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one hour later until 9:00 p.m. >> i think it helps a great deal because many people work, and you get off of work and it's 6:00 and get the kids, it's 6:30, change and get to the pool. i think it gives you an outlet for a few more hours to relax. >> reporter: the director of the department of parks and recreation says if you're looking to beat the heat this summer, the pool is just the beginning. >> got lots going on in the city. people should visit our summer fun website. go on there every day and find something to do for your kids. >> reporter: and the d.c. department of parks and recreation says you can actually make money off this intense heat. it is still looking for additional lifeguards this summer, paying about $10 to $11 per hour. if you would like more information about that or any other summer programs going on here in d.c., come on over to our website, and we'll link you up to the website. jim, back to you in the studio.
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>> thank you. the summer heat that we're suffering had much of the nation sweating as well. heat advisories were up in more than 20 states today, and in oklahoma city hundreds of people lined up for help with electric bills and for a bit of relief. in new york city, the city opened more than 400 cooling centers across the south the heat is not expected or the heat is expected to last throughout the week. >> a big search took place this evening, a search for a dog that survived a car accident that killed one of its owners. for the family of the woman who died, the search for cricket gave them some hope to hold on into in this time of grief and darcy spencer is here with good news from hay market, virginia. >> just a little more than an hour ago the missing dog named cricket was captured. i'm told she's alive and in perfect condition. a woman driving by the area saw cricket sitting on the side of the road, pulled over and held the dog until family members
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arrived. everyone i spoke to is very pleased to have a happy end being to this very tragic story. cricket is a 3-year-old great pyrenees riding in a crate with her owners last sunday afternoon when they crashed head-on into a pin payingo. jack survived and his wife charlotte did not. the dog escaped from her crate and had been missing ever since. the crash happened around 4:30 near shady oak lane near hay market. today a tracking dog named heidi came to the area where she had been seen. late this evening the search was called off as woman found the dog and called police. >> they have had these dogs since 1969. i grew up with them. my sister grew up with them, and -- and they are really just part of our family. >> the perrys had been married for nearly 50 years.
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i'm told mr. perry is very happy his dog has been found. the family is calling this a miracle. back to you. >> good news. thank you, dorothy spencer. now to the farewell for a beloved first lady. betty ford was memorialized in a private ceremony in palm desert, california, today. at about 5:00 this evening, her four children and about two dozen people guided her casket up the steps of her longtime church, st. margaret's episcopal. first ladies michelle obama, hillary clinton, roslyn carter, and nancy reagan sat side by side along with president george w. bush. mrs. ford was remembered for her outspoken support of women's rights and for her legacy of helping those with substance abuse issues. journalist cokie roberts delivered the eulogy ford wanted. >> and i wouldn't be at all surprised if she timed her death to make sure that she could convey the message of comity during this week when it seems
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so badly needed. >> tomorrow mrs. ford's body will be flown to grand rapids, michigan. she will be buried thursday at the gerald ford presidential museum alongside her late husband. >> an army ranger who lost his hand protecting his fellow soldiers received the in addition's highest military honor today. president obama awarded the medal of honor to sergeant first class leroy petry at the who you. three years ago in afghanistan petry, who was already shot in both legs, picked up a live grenade and toss it had away from two of his comrades. he lost his right hand but not his spirit. petry spoke with next's brian williams about how other wounded warriors encouraged him to remain positive. >> a lot of these men and women, their limbs or their bodies are stolen from them almost. they are driving down a road, and they don't see the enemy. it's just you wake up and you're laying there and you're
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disfigured now. >> yeah. >> and i had the choice to do what i did, and fully mentally knowing about what the dangers were. >> petry could have retired after losing his hand. instead, he re-enlisted and went back to afghanistan. >> still ahead tonight, chilling testimony from three young girls in the case against a politician's husband. >> a local county taking its smoking ban to private property. >> and a juror in the casey anthony trial fears for her life
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the husband of a local city council member was in court today accused of molesting children at a slumber party. michael guardner is married to a falls church councilwoman and is also the former church of the falls church democratic committee n.court today three girls testified about how he allegedly bowsed them during sleepovers at his house. gardner is the father of 10-year-old twins. he's free on bail but can't go home and is not allowed to have contact with his children. a new smoking ban was approved today by the montgomery county council. it goes further than many would like. beginning on august 12th smoking will not be allowed in the common areas of apartment
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buildings and townhouse complexes. this includes hallways, laundry rooms and lobbies. smoking also will be banned within 25 feet of public playgrounds shared by those residents. the council says the measure aims to prevent secondhand smoke. opponents say the bill is too intrusive. about 200 volunteers gathered at the convex center to pack up leftovers from the fancy food show this afternoon. the event wrapped up today. more than 100,000 pounds of food and beverages were donated to d.c. central kitchen. members of the food bank say it's the largest single donation central kitchen has ever gotten. the food bank delivers more than 6,000 meals a day to those in need. >> still to come tonight, the casey anthony trial over, but attention continues, and you might imagine what would happen mhost: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more
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one of the jurors who found casey anthony not guilty last week has reportedly gone into hiding. she's identified as juror number 12. her husband tells nbc news she
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quit her job at a florida supermarket and went to michigan. she was afraid of public outrage over the verdict. the woman's husband says he's not sure when she will return. casey anthony was acquitted in the murder of her daughter caylee, but she was convicted of lying to investigators. she will be released from jail on sunday. >> a man in pennsylvania says he's getting backlash in the casey anthony case because of his name. this casey anthony is 43 years old. he lives in darby, pennsylvania, another philadelphia. he says he's gotten at least 300 harassing and threatening messages and friend requests on facebook in the last week. he's also gotten phone calls because his number was linked to his facebook page. >> after the verdict that day, it went crazy. it was like everybody wanted to know and wanted to comment on this casey anthony situation. making comments about the verdict, who am i, who am i to
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take a child's life. >> anthony says he's trying to protect his two sons who are both also named casey. >> a bridal boutique in upper marlboro, maryland gave away free wedding dresses today for soon-to-be military brides. couture miss bridal and formal opened their doors to service women looking for a gown. the fiances of service men were also invited. the boutique put on the event with the help of brides across america. that's a non-profit organization which supports military brides and their families. >> that one was working. >> very cool. >> good. so our little heat wave about to be over with? >> it is a little heat wave. four days so far, get to five tomorrow with temperatures above 90 degrees but that's it. nothing like what we saw last year with 10, 11, 12 kays of 90 degrees or better. haven't seen that so far this summer. not that bad.
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today a high of 97. that was a little bad. did see the heat index once again over 100 degrees for the second straight day, but we do have relief coming in over the next couple of days. that's good news. outside right now, temperatures, high temperatures today, 97 degrees. the low this morning was 77. fourth day in a row over 90. second day in a row that the heat index over 100. yesterday we got to 106. today we got to 103. very, very warm and humid, and guess what? we're still on the warm side. even at 11:00 at night. 88 degrees out there, winds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. that dew point is still in the mid-60s and that has to come down for us to get out of the humidity across the area. actual temperatures right now 82 in martinsburg and 82 in leesburg. 37 in geathersburg and 79 in baltimore and right now 77 degrees. starting to cool down very slowly in the district. doppler radar, no rain to show you right now. not going to see any rain across our area throughout the next
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couple of hours until the possibility of tomorrow afternoon. what's happening right now? well, clear skies here, but notice the clouds. these are some high clouds coming from some big storms off to the west, and these storms are going to stay to the west, but they are going to bring us cyrious clouds overnight. high level clouds, here tomorrow morning as well but they are not going to cause any problems. for us a frontal boundary moves across the area. still going to be hot tomorrow, and notice right around the washington, d.c. area and points to the south, there will be a chance for some thunderstorm activity. some of those storms are going to be on the strong side. most of maryland, especially to the north and to the north of washington i think we'll be okay, southern maryland and southern portions of northern virginia, may see some thunderstorms during the afternoon and then the high pressure moves in, and it gets nice. we are really looking good for thursday. almost a perfect summertime afternoon i think coming up on thursday afternoon, and maybe on friday, too. tomorrow morning, mostly clear. continued warm and 69-77 degrees. winds out of the northwest at five to ten miles per hour.
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i still think it will feel a little bit humid tomorrow but not quite as humid it is a has been feeling. tomorrow afternoon a little bit less humid and still on the hot side with possible thunderstorms. temperatures 91 to 95 degrees with winds out of the northwest at 10-15 miles per hour so we'll see some breeze like we did during the afternoon today. that does help. tomorrow afternoon, those temperatures up to 94 with a 40% chance of rain and 87 on thursday. once again a beautiful looking afternoon. friday will be pretty nice, too, with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms with a high of 85. 86 on saturday. only a slight chance of rain both saturday and maybe sunday, but i think sunday is looking okay, an right now as we head into monday and tuesday of next week, we do get back into the 90s. >> looking a little better day by day. >> yes. >> all right. thank you, dick. still ahead tonight, one baseball continue's life just can't get any better until he hears from the irs. >> and in sports we'll tell you
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i'm really sorry i missed the castles game tonight. >> you could have had front row seats. >> it was a good game, so xoigt to be down there by the wharf, an atmosphere that's very cool. >> they rock 'n' roll and party at those games. >> certainly do. a battle of the top two teams. 59-1 new york sport times and the 6-0 castles. to stay perfect the castles had to get past john mcenroe. that is exactly what they can. down at the wharf on this warm evening.
11:23 pm
take a look at this shot that mcenroe wore into his press conference. >> oh, my goodness. >> don't you remember. looks lick a bathing suit. he did put on a normal looking suit. got very dainty shoulders. there's his partner martina hingis for mixed doubles. a tight match. castles up 9-8. hingis serves in the far court. they volley back and forth. stubbs hits the ball between mcenroe. take another look at this. how close this was. the castles have a two-point lead heading into the men edouble. mcenroe and teammate travis perry. mcenroe serving in the near court. take a look at the half volley winner for mcenroe. a super tie breaker. next point wins. bobby reynolds serving in the far court and slams the
11:24 pm
overhead. mcenroe's attempt is errant, and it takes six match point to win and remain undefeated at 7-0. pretty impressive. your husband doesn't have a shirt like that? >> i can assure you he doesn't. it's a very good thing. >> i hope bill is not watching. >> the capitals introduce a new player they hope will bring valuable playoff experience to the team, right winger joel ward signed a four-year $12 million. he wants to help the capitals win the stanley cup, his mission. spent the last three years with the nashville predators. 13 points in the postseason. >> always plays a factor, excited to be a part of it and getting over the hump and
11:25 pm
helping to win the stanley cup. going to bring an honest work ethic and i'm looking to fit in regardless who i'm playing with, help my linesmatts as best as can i. >> the mystics' struggles again. they continue to be out elana beard and monique curry. langhorn was a welcome addition but defense wasn't enough to battle the storm. the mystics fall 79-71. we're out in seattle. first half mystics take advantage of langhorn's return. langhorn had ten points in her first game, not too shabby. the -- 22 points as the storm beat the mystics, 79-77.
11:26 pm
their tank tops look a lot better than john mcenroe's. >> if you had shown it like david robinson. john mcenroe, looks lake a girl. there he is. >> don't do that again. >> when he sits down it looks like he's got a pun-piece bathing suit. >> even the manly tattoo. >> normally i like an arm band, but that did not look good on
11:27 pm
[ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations.
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the final spacewalk of the shuttle era took place today outside the international space station. two astronauts retrieved a broken pump and load it had on to the "atlantis" shuttle. they also installed equipment for future experiment. "atlantis" will return to earth
11:30 pm
next week marking the final flight of the 30-year shuttle program. >> if flying cars are the future, we're almost there. today the federal aviation administration approved the production of a new vehicle called the transition. it's made by a company in massachusetts. it looks like a car, but it has wings that extend for flight. the transition can be driven with a regular license, but if you want to fly, it you'll need at least a sport pilot's license and it needs to take off and playing with your friends?
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not even the irs can put christian lopez in a bad mood and that's saying something, isn't it lopez caught derek jeter's 3,000th hit on saturday, a home run for the yankees captain and the most treasured baseball of the year, for sure. you know what lopez did. he gave it to jeter.
11:34 pm
all he wanted were a couple of baseballs and bats. the yankees recognized lopez's unselfishness, because he could have gotten big money with that, showered him with gifts. four tickets to every remaining home game. bats, balls, two jerseys signed by jeter. >> nice. >> things were really looking up for lopez. he's a cell phone salesman, six-figure college debt. here comes the irs. total tax burden of the gifts could be close to 25 grand. lopez says, ah, i know the irs has a job to do. he says he's not mad at them and says he doesn't plan to give a about the and jersey to his girlfriend because she bought the tick

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